VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player Version 3.0.10 Free

A media player with a built in codec package supporting all movie and song types

VLC Media Player is probably the most commonly used media player in the world, even though there are other, just as good, alternatives available, such as Winamp, Allplayer, BSPlayer, etc. If you're looking for an MP3 player or a movie player, this is probably the solution that will provide for your needs, including several needs you didn’t even know about.
VLC is an open source player which has been downloaded by as many users as those who use Facebook (this is just our way of refraining from writing a number that within a fortnight will no longer be relevant, but at the same time let you understand how popular it really is…).
VLC is a lean software program that will not require substantial resources, but which is nonetheless very potent. With it, you'll be able to play almost any file you like, whether it's a movie kept in an old format you've stumbled upon or a song kept in the most recently released format.
VLC Media Player's main features
- HD video support
- Blu-Ray support
- Built in codec package (which means you'll be able to play songs and movies without separately downloading codecs)
- Interface with Channels.com
- A wide range of languages support, including languages with smaller audiences such as Hebrew or Polish (translations are not always precise and might be confusing at times, but not enough to deter you from using it)
- Built in equalizer
- Conversion between formats capabilities
- Skinable player
- Supports disks of music (CD) or of movies (DVD)
- Free from adware or spyware
- Supports streaming
- Supports subtitles in various languages
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